2018 Mind, Body, and Soul Conference

In October 2018, Provo Health held its first ever Mind, Body, and Soul Conference. We spent an entire day covering all aspects of health, from meditation to nutrition to meridians to exercise, along with everything in between. Attendees gave it glowing reviews and expressed their excitement about the new knowledge they had obtained.

Now we are making the recordings available to you. You will get access to every session so you can watch any time, as many times as you like. We've also included slides for most of the presentations.

Classes included in this package:

Mindfulness and Meditation - Improving Your World from the Inside Out (taught by Tristin Roney)

10 Stages of Disease - Prevention, Recognition, and Recovery (taught by Cecilia Salvesen)

Fool-proof Nutrition Secrets (taught by Juanique Roney)

Vertigo - Simple Fixes for a Life-Altering Malady (taught by Cecilia Salvesen)

Anywhere Chair Yoga (taught by Kim Roney)

The Biology of Belief - How Your Thoughts Shape every Cell in Your Body (taught by Juanique Roney)

Meridians and Acupuncture Points - Understanding and Unblocking the Energy Pathways within You (taught by Cecilia Salvesen)

Smart Supplementation - How Lies from the Vitamin Industry are Killing You (taught by Tristin Roney)

Mental Illness and Health - Lifestyle Solutions to Your Emotional Woes (taught by Conryd Salvesen)

Did You Know...? - Mind-Blowing Facts and Fast-Acting Health Tips (taught by Cecilia Salvesen and Tristin Roney)

Includes approximately eight hours worth of video.

After discussing things as a team, we determined that the value of these materials is at least $200. However, we want as many people as possible to have access to this information, so we are dropping the price by 25% to $150.

We also know not everyone can afford to pay so much at once. So we are offering a payment plan that includes just 3 monthly payments of $55 each. 

However, we're still not happy with that price. So for a very limited time, we are taking another $90 off the price, so you can get the entire set of recordings for only $59.99. Just use the coupon code MINDBODY90 (code only works with the single-payment option).


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